Final Conference in December 2009: 'Making an Impact - Collective Actions Towards SCP'



7th-8th December 2009
Brussels, Belgium


The conference was hosted by the European Economic and Social Committee (December 7th) and the Brussels representative of the German state NRW (December 8th).


'Making an Impact - Collective Actions Towards SCP' conference brought together a range of high quality speakers to discuss and develop recommendations about the role of civil society in SCP at a regional, national and international level. The conference is targeting CSOs, researchers and policy makers working in the field of SCP.


The CSO Platform on SCP project produced two short videos on the issues discussed at the conference. Five persons have been interviewed at the event:
Mr. Chris Church, Northern Alliance for Sustainability (ANPED)/London 21
Mr. Christian Löwe, Federal Environment Agency (UBA)
Mr. Martin Charter, Centre for Sustainable Design (CfSD)
Ms. Doreen Fedrigo, European Environmental Bureau (EEB)
Ms. Satu Lähteenoja, UNEP/Wuppertal Institute Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP)








The Conference programme was lively, interactive and participatory. It included the following topics and workshops:

  • SCP and Policy Development: Panel discussion on how to engage civil society
  • Voice of the CSO Platform: Develop concrete ideas for collective actions to promote SCP policy processes at regional, national and EU policy levels.
  • CSO’s vision: SCP in Europe. The voice of the CSO Platform will be shaped to concrete recommendations to make an impact towards SCP.
  • Creating partnerships for making more impact: three workshops for f solutions for better collaboration between CSOs and other stakeholders.
  • Tools for effective implementation: Interactive discussions with experts to learn more about funding, communication and media tools to promote SCP.
  • Looking to the future: Interactive panel discussion to summarise the outcomes of the project and to discuss on the future activities, including options to ensure the
    continuity of the online CSO Platform.



The successful conference brought around 49 CSOs, 23 Research Institutions and 27 Policy Makers and Businesses together to discuss collective actions towards SCP. For more information, download the conference agenda and the report below.


The final booklet of the project as well as the collected cases and new project ideas are available at the Get involved page of this website.





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European Commission
UNEP/Wuppertal Institute Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (D)
Regional Environmental Centre (H)
The Centre for Sustainable Design (UK)